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Dr Jinesh

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Know Soya

by jinesh Published on 29-01-14 07:41 PM
Health benefits of soya
that it’s a low-calorie, complete source of protein, it can help reduce cholesterol and heart disease risk, and some studies have even found that the...
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Health effects of common edible oils

by jinesh Published on 27-01-14 10:30 PM
Health effects of Olive Oil :  77% monounsaturated, 9% polyunsaturated, 14% saturated.  Highest concentration of antioxidants among all of the oils, contains polyphenols that...
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Highlights of common Tree Nuts

by jinesh Published on 21-01-14 11:41 PM
Amongst the different types of nuts, almonds are a great choice for keeping your bones healthy - one ounce/30 gram provide 9% of the recommended amount for calcium and 27% for...
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Herbal Remedies For Dental Disorders

by jinesh Published on 29-08-13 07:03 PM
Tooth having a very high importance in the human body as it plays an important role in the digestive process more over it maintaine the shape of the face. Ayurveda included the dental disorders...
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Healthy Eating Habits

by jinesh Published on 16-07-13 04:25 PM
Ayurveda includes Ahara(food) as one of the Thrayopasthambha, one of the three pillars to keep the body healthy. The term Ahara stands for the healthy eating habits. The disciplined eating habit will...
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