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Tamaka Shwasa(Bronchitis) assosciated with Katigraha and Grdhrasi

Published by : Dr Arya Krishna on:29-06-15 08:09 PM
A 69 year old patient have following complaints.
1) Pain in left lumbar region radiating to gluteal area
2)Difficulty in ADL
3)Low back ache
4) Cough with sputum
5) Dyspnoea
K/C/O allergic bronchitis since young age and is under medications since then. He has recurrent episodes of cough with sputum and breathlessness. He has pain in left lumbar region radiating to gliteal region since about a week and bilateral knee joint pai since 3 years. He was also diagnosed of DM ,about 5 years ago. Patiesnt uses inhalers for bronchitis since 30 years and is under insulin for DM and medication for HTN and Hyperlipidemia. 
General findings
BP - 130/80 mmHG
Sleep - Good
Appetite - Good
Stools - 2 times/day
Urine- 5 times/day
Pulse - 76 bpm
Weight- 83 Kg
Clinical Examination 
PA - Soft, No organomegaly
CVS - S1 S2 heard
RS - clear, bilateral air entry equal
Examination of lumbosacral spine
Tenderness present from L5 to S1
SLR painful 40 degree in left and 45 in right
Examination of Knee joints
Swelling - absent
Temperature - Normal
ROM - Normal
Laboratory Investigation
FBS - 234 mg/dL
PPBS - 283mg/dL
Total cholestrol- 160mg/dL

Katigraha with Grdhrasi (Lumbar spondylosis)
Tamaka shwasa( Bronchitis)

Prakrit- VataKapha prakriti
Based on the above, the followinf medical management strategy was followed for 21 days.
Chikitsa sidhantha- 
Udwarthana+ BS
Janu Pichu
Patrapinda sweda
 Chikitsa padhati( Quantity and specifications of medicine administeres internally )
DMK twice daily on empty stomach
Shwasananda gulika 1-0-1 after food with honey
LIV 52 2-2-2
Nishamalaki choorna 1 tsp twice daily before food
Khadiradi gutika 1 tablet 3 times a day to be chewed

Condition of patient during treatment period :At the beginning of treatment all allopathic medications for Bronchitis, Diabetes, Hypertension and hyperlipidemia were stopped. He responded well to all treatments. Pain in the low back and knee steadily decreased. Cough with sputum reduced. There were no episodes of dyspnoea despite stopping inhalers. Bloodpressure was monitored regularly and was found to be under control even without medications. Initially there was increase in FBS , following which patient was advised to take one oral anti diabetic medicine only if FBS was found to be greater than 200mg/ dL.

At the end of treatment following parameters were noticed. 
BP - 130/80 mm HG
FBS- 136mg/dL without insulin

In examination of lumbosacral spine, SLR was not painful, both legs greater than 70 degree.

Pain in the left lumbar region completely reduced. Knee joint pain also reduced significantly. There was no episodes of cough with sputum and breathlessness. BMI was reduced from 28.72 to 27.51. Patient is completely off medications for allergic bronchitis, DM, HTN and hyperlipidemia. 
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