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Recently, i took my 3yr old son for an eye checkup (in Abu Dhabi)as he had slight squint with right eye. The Doctor diagonised him and mentioned that his power is 2.5/1.75, as per Dr,this was due to the difference in the curvature of cornea/retina (Astigmatism) during birth. he was not able to read the alphabets which were smaller on the dr\'s display board and hence diagonised as long sight problem. Dr mentioned that he should start wearing glasses immediately as surgical (LASEK or similar) are possible only after age of 18-21. please suggest if there is a way out in ayurveda.
appreciate your quick positive response,
00971501887725 (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Posted by RAJITH
Published on 11-11-14 03:43 PM
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