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Navara rice farmers seek government support for marketing

by ayurdoctor Published on 16-09-13 11:07 AM
Farmers engaged in the cultivation of "Navara" rice, a unique endemic crop native to Kerala with high medicinal properties, are facing crisis due to lack of marketing network and absence of...
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More than half allopathic doctors prescribe ayurvedic medicines

by ayurdoctor Published on 15-09-13 01:25 PM
If you are dependent on ayurvedic medicines prescribed by your allopath, then you better think again before taking your next dose. Your doctor is as ignorant about ayurvedic medicines as you are.
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New legislation likely for ayurveda, homeopathy

by ayurdoctor Published on 15-09-13 01:19 PM
After the government failed to include the traditional stream of medicines in the Drugs and
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Zandu invest Rs 150 cr for nutraceuticals plant

by ayurdoctor Published on 15-09-13 01:15 PM
Former promoters of Zandu Pharmaceuticals, the Parekh family, are back after a 5-year hiatus to invest Rs...
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Government Ayurveda Hospital dying a slow death

by ayurdoctor Published on 15-09-13 01:11 PM
VARANASI: Amidst two prominent government hospitals and a busy medicine market, stands aloof a 25-bedded Ayurveda Hospital run by the state government, which may collapse any time due to lack of...
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