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Can Ayurveda help prevent swine flu?

by: ayurdoctor Published on08-03-15 12:51 PM
With more people looking for preventive measures to curb the attack of swine flu and its effect on the body’s immune system, alternative medicine is gaining some prominence. However, one should always keep in mind that an advanced stage of the infection might need a more aggressive treatment approach through the conventional way. But talking about preventive measures, an alternative form of medicine like Ayurveda can do one a lot of good.
How does Ayurveda help in preventing swine flu?
‘The ideology behind protection from swine flu would be to boost overall immune system of our body. This can be obtained through Panchakarma which is a five-fold purification therapy, a special form of treatment in Ayurveda. This treatment is effective for a healthy individual as well as for one suffering from a particular disease, for elimination of toxins from the body,’ says Dr Dr. Renjith C Menon, Nagarjuna Ayurveda Centre, Kerala. Here is all that you need to know about panchakarma treatments. 
According to Ayurveda our human body is made up of doshas (functional elements), dhatus (structural elements) and malas (waste products). There are three doshas in our body, namely vata, pitta and kapha. These three doshas have specific functions to be carried out in our body and their balance is responsible for our health, while a loss of balance is known to cause diseases. The Panchakarma procedures bring these doshas to their normal balance thus restoring complete health. When a dosha imbalance (disease) is diagnosed, a treatment protocol is fixed in Ayurveda which includes internal medications, external therapies, diet plan and a change in lifestyle pattern. Here is the most comprehensive guide of swine flu for you — symptoms, causes and treatments. 
The panchakarma approach in preventing swine flu follows a three phase approach as follows:
The 1st stage or pre-process: This process is the most important phase preparing the body and the internal system to undertake the treatment and help in elimination of toxins from the body. This process is marked by oletion which means purifying the body by administering various oils both internally and externally; and sudation which means preparing the sweat glands to expel out the toxins through sweat. This process involves a lot of massages and intake of medication. The massages are done with the intention of making the cellular toxins melt from its position and collect in the intestine through the process of osmosis and thereby expel it out of the body. Medications used would include herbal decoctions, tablets, powders, semisolids depending on one’s body composition and severity of the condition. Here are the other treatment options for swine flu you should know about. 
The 2nd stage or proper-process: This marks the elimination process and can be a little painful at times. Elimination of toxins from the system can happen in various forms, some of them are as follows:
Vamana – induced vomiting
Virechana – induced purgation
Vasthies  – Medicated enema
Nasya – purification through nose
Raktamokshan – Bloodletting
The last two procedures of cleaning are targeted only for some specific illnesses and might not be required to undergo while looking for prevention of swine flu.
The 3rd stage or post-process: Elimination of toxins from the body is just mid-way of the treatment, one needs to follow a proper Ayurvedic diet and include changes in lifestyle to complete the third stage of treatment and reap the benefits. This is the most relaxing stage that calls for cellular rejuvenation. Completion of this stage will ensure enhancement of positive energy flow in the body, build immunity and save one from a bout of swine flu. Read to know if there is a cure for swine flu. 

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