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Technology & Wellness – The New Face of Ayurveda

by: ayurdoctor Published on15-05-19 12:46 AM
Companies, through their sophisticated, secured e-commerce platforms, are connecting end customers with remotely located centres, thus helping them benefit from the therapies aimed at relaxation and rejuvenation.

India and various other locations across the world are noticing a surge in the wellness industry with international visitors getting allured by traditions and benefits of Ayurveda and yoga. The wellness industry in India is at its growth stage and is gradually gaining popularity amongst customers.

The industry has a lot of scope to flourish as the lifestyle of people is demanding an inclination towards the wellness sector. Ayurveda retreats and Yoga centres have been working hard to sustain and grow their businesses. The wellness industry is highly fragmented with centres spread across the world.

The industry is expected to witness exponential growth in the times to come and many domestic and international players are setting up their expansion plans.  Technology plays a critically important role in connecting these centres with the consumer. Besides connecting the centres, one of the most challenging aspects of delivering a quality wellness offering is customer engagement. Technology can help boost consumer engagement as well.


Companies, through their sophisticated, secured e-commerce platforms, are connecting end customers with remotely located centres, thus helping them benefit from the therapies aimed at relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind. Thus, the use of technology helps partners with digital transformation and helps in expanding their reach to global customers through an easy to use the online platform, which is critically important for their businesses.

Technology is Taking it to the Masses

Technology has changed the living habits by bringing health and wellness information into the houses and pockets of consumers. The platforms introduced to reach customers use cutting edge technology, offer distinctive user experience with a consumer-centric approach through an exciting roadmap in offering features that would help customers in planning their wellness smoothly. With a focus on creating seamless experiences, these platforms bring together the end customer, wellness centres and supply chain technologies across cloud and data platforms.

Platforms with state-of-art technology ecosystem around cloud computing, data analytics, and performance techniques, elastic load balancing, memory caching etc. provide the best-in-class user experience for online shopping. A promising roadmap ahead harnessing bleeding-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, an efficient automated workflow etc. promises to enhance the user experience even further along with user-friendly mobile apps.

Many Uses

On any services or product supplier’s website, one can use the customer reviews and ratings on the site that allows to compare and select. A few websites also feature an informative Blog section.  This helps customers make better, timely decisions.

An area of digital development that has enormously improved the health and wellness industry is mobile technology. The smartphone has revolutionised how people monitor their lives. Health and fitness apps are some of the most widely used ones in the world. The ability to send communications through text is another great way to make programs accessible to all users and to keep them engaged. Communication & Collaboration as well is equally important with the consumer, and companies have paid attention to this important aspect of connecting with the consumers through various channels such as  Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, etc.

Call Centres

A sophisticated chat and call centre also help provide a personal touch to the consumer. It is vital for the wellness sector to effectively use engagement strategies and tailored communications that will be instrumental in driving higher wellness engagement results through the right use of technology.  

An important business aspect of bringing the consumer and wellness sector together is to be able to implement a wellness platform beyond language barriers. Hence a platform with multi-lingual capabilities is much needed. As the business expands, it is important to consider the markets to determine if the platform can deliver wellness in other countries and languages.

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