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Pains and aches during pregnancy

by: Dr Arya Krishna Published on26-03-16 12:26 AM

The most common difficulty in pregnancy is aches and pains. Causes of pain might be many.

In 2nd Trimester the most common pain will be low back pain and pelvic discomfort. It is just a sign that your body is preparing for pregnancy. Calcium deficiency may also cause on and off pain in different part of body. Since it is required to sleep in one side (Preferably left side) during pregnancy , thigh and calf pain is expected at nights.

Many of the women can’t escape from leg cramps during pregnancy , commonly called as charley horses.

Diet and exercise are the two main factors that can help you out.

  • Include dairy products and calcium supplement in your diet
  • Potassium- rich bananas and dried apricots
  •  Dehydration worsens swelling and pain- so have plenty of fluids

In addition to dietary changes, compulsorily have a 15 – 20 minutes of walking or mild Yoga.

The following things might help you to get rid of the pains and aches

  • Seated Meditation with mild music
  • The yoga fundamentals in dealing with most pain are going slow, breathing deeply and paying attention to your body.
  • Cow Face/ Gomughasana – It stretches ankle, thigh, shoulder, hip , thorax, axilla and biceps.
  • Reclining eagle twist
  • Squat with supporting the necks with both hands
  • Reclined butterfly spine opener

Sit in each posture for 10 to 20 long breaths.

  • Elevate your feet as often as you can
  • Improve the circulation in your ankles with rotation exercises
  • If you find yourself in the middle of night with leg cramps , try to ease with hot water pack  or flexing your foot to stretch the calf.

Don’t wait for pain to occur to start your mild exercises. If you are in your 2nd trimester and you don’t have any pain and aches its well and good. But still, practicing the following will definitely help to prevent the occurrence of pain .


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