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Tackle Digital Eye Strain with Ayurveda

by: Dr Arya Krishna Published on02-05-16 10:07 PM
Among the Sense organs, Ayurveda gives prime importance to Eyes. It says " Sarvendriyaanam Nayanam Pradhanam". According to Ayurveda the eyes are ruled by the Sun and because of this nature eyes are said to be fiery and more irritated in summer season. Staring at computer monitor for long hours has become a daily routine and inevitably all of that staring and work strain can put a real strain on your eyes. 

Eye problem caused due to excess computer use is termed as Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome which has become so common, not just in the working groups but also to kids who stare at video games and mobile phones for long hours.  

Signs and symptoms
  1. Eye strain
  2. Recurrent Head aches
  3. Blurred Vision
  4. Dry Eyes
  5. Neck and shoulder pain

If you have any 2 or more of these symptoms don't ignore. The causative factors may be poor lighting, Continuous glare on digital screen, improper viewing distances, poor seating posture , uncorrected vision problems or a combination of one or more of these factors. 

Pamper your eyes with Ayurveda

The science of Ayurveda hold eyes in high esteem and there is a wide variety of internal and external medications to treat Digital Eye Syndrome. The ideal procedure to be done for pampering the peepers is Netra Tarpanam/Netra Basti . 

"Tarpayate ithi tarpanam" - To nourish or irrigate the eyes. 
Medicated ghee is liquefied and after filtering it ,the medicine is poured in to the medial canthus of closed eye up to the level of eyelashes. The eyes should be opened and closed slowly. Medicated ghee should be retained for specific time ( up to 25 minutes) inside the herbal paste boundary. 
Various medicated ghee can be used like Triphala ghee, Brahmi ghee etc
This procedure has proven to be highly effective in reducing symptoms like eye pain and strain, Recurrent head aches, dry eyes and vision problems. It has both curative and preventive effects.

Eat right for your sight
  1. Dark green leafy vegetables - The carotenoids lutein and Zeaxanthin are primarily found in green leafy vegetables like spinach , Kale etc act as important nutrients for eye health since macula -the small central portion of retina has both of these in high concentrations 
  2. Organic pastured egg yolks -  The yolk is a prime source of lutein and Zeaxanthin and also has rich supply of zinc. It should not be over cooked since it damages the proteins in egg. So cook as little as possible like poached, half boiled or raw.
  3. Carrots - Rich source of beta carotene 
  4. Citrus and Berries - These have a rich source of vitamin C and has proven to be healthy for eyes in the long run
  5. Almonds - Rich in Vitamin E, a handful will supply almost half of your daily requirement of Vitamin E
  6. Fatty fish like Tuna, Mackerel and anchovies contain DHA , a fatty acid found in retina and is found to be effective in Dry eye syndrome

Rest is sweet after Fatigue
Rest always improves vision and effort always lowers it. Researches have proved that relaxed people blink more which moist the eyes. The question is how to relax eyes ?There are quite a few techniques for eye relaxation.

  1. Sunning - It supplies wonderful source of energy to eyes. It also helps in increasing blood circulation of eyes. Sunning should be practiced during sunrise or sunset in sitting posture with feet flat on the floor , hand on knees , chin raised with closed eyes. Facing the sun ,sway your body side to side for a period of 50 counts/3 minutes
  2. Palming - It helps in reducing stress and strain of eyes. Sit comfortably with eyes covered with palms , fingers crossed by taking support on forehead and elbows resting on a soft pillow. 
  3. Shifting - Moving eyes from one point to another 
  4. Swinging - Sway your body from right to left slowly looking through swinging bar at bright distance . Blink eyes at the end of reaching each bars. It breaks the staring habit and helps in change of focus.
  5. Candle exercise - Sit comfortably facing the candle flame 20 inches away. Move the eyes forward up to 5 inch close to the candle. Then backwards to the starting position.
  6. Water splashes - Splashing cold water to cold eyes helps to relax eyes. Allow it to dry on its own.
  7. Cold pad - Apply cold pad over the eyes by closing the eyes for sometime. 

The eyes are a reflection o body's overall health. Care for it and understand the time is now for your future vision health. 

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