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Water Melon - The summer fruit

by: Dr Arya Krishna Published on09-06-17 10:22 PM
Ayurveda advises fruit consumption in accordance with season and climate. Seasonal fruits always aids in easy digestion and assimilation.They immediately turn into rasa (nutritional fluid) — the first of the seven body tissues. Seasonal fruits also helps in improving the ' ojas'. 

Summer Super Fruit - Nutritional facts
Water Melon is water soaked with nutrients. It's rich in Vitamin A, B6 and C. It's fat free and has got high lycopene levels which triggers healthy reaction to human body. It has antioxidants and amino acids as well. 

What makes water Melon a summer fruit?
Juicy pulp of this fruit cools body, quenches thirst and satiates taste buds. The 'pitta' levels in the body will be reduced by the beta carotene of water Melon which makes it a summer fruit according to Ayurveda. 
How to consume water Melon? 
Make sure not to combine water Melon with other foods or even fruits. Melons are generally easily digestible, and therefore once you combine with other food the digestion process becomes slower resulting in fermenting of the Melon inside the stomach causing gas and other digestive issues. It's a good idea to have it as snack between meals or as a smoothie in morning hours. 

Summer care with water Melon 
1)In summer drink a glass of watermelon juice daily with a dash of salt and mint leaves. This quenches thirsts, replenishes water and salts lost through sweat. Thus maintains water electrolyte balance.
2)Eat a bowl full of watermelon pulp before break-fast and lunch.  The fiber content of this fruit fills the stomach and satiates hunger signals. Thus the consumption of regular diet reduces and helps towards achieving weight loss.
3) Applying water Melon juice over the face and leaving it for 15 minutes daily prevents acne and is a good skin cleanser. 

So next time you are out in the sun, remember to treat yourself with water Melon. 

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