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Case study on Raktasthamba, a condition of Vatarakta

Published by : ayurdoctor on:05-11-13 11:16 AM
Dr.K.P.Y.Panicker MD (ayu)
Cheruvannoor, Kozhikode
Kerala ,India .

Case description:-

10 year girl with complaints of skin lesions on feet
with oozing, swelling, pain and itching. Some of the
lesions were oozing pus with ulceration. The skin
around the lesions was dry and blackish.
She was carried to the hospital due to severe pain.
She had same episode of attack in the previous month
and was treated at medical college hospital with
antibiotics. Now the problem started again.

O/E :-

- Mild fever
- Pulse rapid
- Tenderness and swelling over feet.
- Skin lesions with puss oozing and ulcerations .

Diagnosis :-

Raktasthamba, a condition of Vatarakta 

( First the case was wrongly diagnosed as Balavisarpa of Pitha type due to its similarlarity )

Treatment :-

First step of treatment :-

she was given Mahatiktakam Kwatha and
Ksheerivriksha Kwatha dhara Nalpamaradi kera for
application (Kshreeridrumas - main ingradients).

Observation :-

After three days condition worsened with most of the
lesions ulcerated and spreading to more area

Second step of treatment :-

Prescription was changed to Nimbadi Kwatha with
Kseerivrikshatwak, Gandhaka Rasayana, Saribadyasava
with Punarnavasava, Karaskara kwatha with milk for
dhara and paranthyadi thaila for application

Observation :-



Here first diagnosis of Visarpa was wrong
and treatment with seetha, rooksha, tikta and kashaya
medicines caused aggravation of condition due to
sthambana (Stagnation) of Rakta.
This was actually a conditon of Raktasthamba, a
condition of Vatarakta where raktasthamba causes
inflammation. So it responded to anushna, vatahara
treatment. In visarpa Rakta becomes more Drava and
produces inflammation. both these conditions should be
differentiated before treating skin diseases as
therapies are different in each condition.
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