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Clinical trial on different dose patterns of Shodh

by: ayurdoctor Published on24-10-13 07:19 PM
Internal oleation (Snehana) is a major preparatory procedures performed before Bio-Purification (Shodhana). Oleation leads and decides the total outcome of the Bio-purification therapy; hence, standard guidelines are needed for performing the internal oleation in an effective manner and also for avoiding the inadequate and excess oleation. It is obligatory to start and increase the dose of lipids (Sneha) in appropriate and judicious way considering the bio-fire (Agni) and nature of bowel habit (Koshtha) of the subject. The outcome of Bio-Purification depends upon proper mobilization of Dosha from the periphery (Shakha) to gastrointestinal tract (Koshtha); which is achieved with the help of oleation therapy (Snehana Karma) and sudation therapy (Svedana Karma). This clinical study was carried out on 29 subjects to standardize the dose and duration of internal oleation and to develop the oleation grade for the assessment of internal oleation therapy. The selected subjects were randomly divided into two groups, in which group A was given fixed increase dose of ghee and in group B non-fixed increase dose was given. Results of this study show that the total percentage of oleation was 33.57% in group A and it was 45.28% in group B. Subjects of Group B (non-fixed dose schedule) have shown better oleation in all the aspects, i.e. duration, oleation grade, and purification grade.

Aims and Objects

To formulate oleation grade assessment criteria for the assessment of oleation
To evaluate the effect of oleation on the outcome of Bio-purification
To evaluate the safety of Internal oleation

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