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A Case of Primary Infertility - Ayurveda Treatment respond positively

by: ayurdoctor Published on13-11-13 02:50 PM
Race : European

Age : 35

Married :6years

Presented complaints :

She is having primary infertility and is undergoing treatment for the same for 5years

According to the scan reports her uterus is very small to bear an embryo immature uterus and her follicles are not maturing to the good size as to be fertilized she has taking injections for both for a period of 4months and giving a break but there is no result

Treatment given

Shirodhara with Ksheerabala

Udwarthanam with Kolakulathadi powder

Have not given any internal medication

after 14 days of treatment I advised to do her a scan she performed even the doctors where surprised to see the result that uterus has undergone softening and slightly enlarged I advised her to do the same treatment for 3 months regularly she did but after 2and half months she become pregnant naturally
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